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The Art and Craft of T-Shirt Printing

tshirts printing

There was a time in history when people would done flurry robes and long kaftans with a huge circumference. With the passage of time, the clothing articles not only become more robust but they also started to become better in terms of practicality. The modern day t-shirt is a living proof of this practice. These days t-shirts are easily one of the most popular and widely used clothing items on the planet. People use different design techniques to decorate these t-shirts because it would be a big problem if every piece looks the same. Here are some of the most efficient and noteworthy t-shirt printing methods that both small and big apparel manufacturing corporations use. 

  1. T-shirt Printing with Sparkle Sugar:

Sugar glitter or Sparkle sugar is a special type of substance that is made from treating cane sugar bits with color pigments and glitter. The process of sugar printing is simple and straight forward. A design stencil is applied on the top of fabric that needs to be dyes. The required surface area is dabbed in water or with fabric glue. The sugar sprinkles are applied on the surface and with the help of diffusion process the sugar is attached to the surface permanently. T-shirts dyed with this method require extra care while washing.

  • Making the Prints pop out:

Sugar printing is fairly three dimensional. However, a better method of 3D printing is with the help of expanding materials. This material is made from plastisol or any other expanding chemical. The printing paint must be applied with caution. Once the paint is in place a little heat from iron helps it to expand and become a pop out design.

  • Textured Prints:

This method is not seen lesser in comparison to other printing methods. This is because it requires double layering technique and a certain amount of skill to handle it. The main ingredient in this method is Crystalina ink. An additional layer of this substance is applied on top of the already existing ink pattern. This new layer forms a thick texture, shine, and rugged look to the t-shirt.

  • Metal Print:

Metallic ink has a gritty, iron clad, and rustic appearance. A special type of printing ink called metallic ink is required to achieve this design. There are many brands that prefer their logo to have this look. On the other hand, many rock bands and private clubs also often opt for this type of printing. Metal prints are not made from metal pieces but they give the feel to the t-shirt to have bits of metals logged into the printing pattern.

  • Printing with Glitter:

Glitter is everywhere these days. It is rife in the internet culture from the play dough to slime and all the way to the handy DIY craft tutorials.  Manufacturers are making tubs of glitter every year and making a big chunk of profit. People use it to decorate their phone covers and upgrade their old dresses as well. The t-shirt printing field also has a huge field for the glitter printed articles. The use of glitter in negative and positive spaces makes it all the more exciting and the limitations are boundless due to the fact that there are unlimited color options.

  • Printing with Gloss:

This method works on the principle of creating the art work with the help of tone difference. Many sports brands and similar enterprises want to apply this tone difference effect on their t-shirt brands. This type of printing requires some practice and it is often considered as an acquired choice among the customers of t-shirt fashion.

  • The Neon Printing:

The firefly uses florescent chemicals to glow in the dark. Just like everything else people also wanted to cash in on this nature’s blessing. Glow-in-the-dark t-shirts have been a huge fashion phenomenon for quite some time. These t-shirts are still going strong and a part of the popular culture these days. The glowing material is also free from the risks of toxins and any other type of harmful effects.

  • The Photo Printing:

Have you gone to an amusement park and noticed that people are wearing their faces on their shirts? This is made possible with the technology of color printers. These printers can paste the real image from a photograph or any other background and paste it with real colors on the surface of the t-shirt. These designs are applicable on the surfaces like spandex, nylon, and even cotton. They are great to be used as a souvenir because they are able to capture a lot of details.

  • Digitization of Printing:

This is a slightly older technology and not compatible with a lot of different types of fabrics. Even though it does not captures as much details as the photo printing technique. It is still quite popular due to it rustic appeal and lesser cost. With time this type of print design can whiter and start to wilt out. To prolong the life of this t-shirt proper washing directions must be followed.

  1. Stone Washed Printing:

Stone washed jeans have been fashion craze for many previous years. However, due to the chaffing and unease that awful fashion trends thankfully faded into shadows. However, the rustic look of stone washed jeans is still in demand. The printers are able to recreate this effect with the help of discharge water base print. This type of printing patterns starts to fade slowly revealing the real color of the t-shirt or the background color of other prints.

  1. Gradient Printing:

This type of printing techniques is used for creating a black and white photo effect. This printing technique makes use of the gradient and shadow stimulation for creating the perfect noir effects. The admirers of golden days often opt for such designs. In a world where everything is about colors and shock factor, this photo printing technique stands out for its charm and simplicity.

  1. The CMYB Printing:

This is probably one of the earliest types of color printing techniques in the world. It is also known as the four color printing method. As the name suggests the four colors printing method employs cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors to create different designs and portraits. This unique color pallets gives the design a unique and signature look. This printing method works best for black or white printing backgrounds.

  1. Banner Printing Method:

Have you ever seen old movies or newspapers? They have a yellowish tinted quality that makes them different and stand out from the crowd. The banner printing method or simulated printing method strives to create this same effect. This type of printing takes advantage of the half-toned image effect that looks more like a painting and less like a photograph. The designs for simulated printing are often artwork.

  1. Comic Painting:

This type of painting is the most popular t-shirt printing technique of them all. It not only brings about an appealing design aesthetic in the clothing articles but also takes advantage of the minimalistic arts movement. It is also called the screen with under base printing method. The design itself only has a few elements from an event or story. The designs are mostly symbolic, little alterations like dash of white strokes can increase the highlights. This type of printing also adds weight to the t-shirts physically.

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Reverse Custom T-shirt Printing:

There are countless 5-minutes DIY videos on the internet that gives direction for creating designs on the t-shirts with bleaching methods. The patterns from ordinary bleaching techniques are not very clear and they can go wrong very easily. On the other hand, handling bleaching chemicals is not a pleasant experience either. However, there is another method for printing that has upgraded the ordinary bleach print technique. It is called the discharge or soft hand printing method.

This printing style essentially follows the natural course of using the bleaching chemicals to fade out the solid colored background. However, it is much clearer and sharper than the simple bleach printing. These designs appear like a sharp image in the negative space on the cover of a solid colored gradient. The fading of natural colors of the t-shirt is called desaturation. It is made possible with a special type of activation agent that acts as the printing ink material.

Many manufacturers also sell special pens for desaturation process. The artists and painting experts can make a fortune with this shirt printing materials. Many people want to get their t-shirt patterns made from a famous artist or painter. These designs are often seen worn by celebrities like a live masterpiece. These art works can prove to be quite costly but they are creating a new and fresh trend on the social media. People who are passionate about different causes also use these brands to catch the attention of the audiences and raise awareness.

Another factor that adds to the appeal of this printing method is the fact these t-shirts are super breezy and light weighted. Many types of printing materials can make the t-shirt bulky and heavy. However, a great amount of care is needed to create these mater pieces. The ink from the master pen can easily eat through the t-shirt fabric if left too long. On the other hand, the color on the t-shirt should be solid and permanent. If the color of the t-shirt starts to fade after a few washes the whole point of the colored t-shirt would be gone. Not to mention that this method works best with dark and bold colors.

Another thing to be noted about this awesome and trendy t-shirt printing style is the fact that the faded color blotches are seldom pure white. These blotches are a faded result of the original color of the t-shirt. The surrounding color projects a visible shadow on the white reveal. Also, the faded color contains a few pigments of the original color pallet. This however is not so much an issue as much it is another charm of the said style. Many people are fond of this printing method due to the lighter and darker hue contrasts.

As it is clear that this printing method works best with dark colors, therefore it is also clear that the first base is often the darkest layer of the t-shirt. Unlike conventional shirt printing methods it is not advisable to wait for the dried t-shirt colors. The activation agents are applied on the dark background without waiting. This is to done to save the fabric from wilting or burning too much. The fun fact about the discharge printing method is that the real pattern does not become clear until heat is applied on the fabric. Therefore, the designers must take a lot of precaution and skill to ensure that the final design would come out right.

It is best to properly wash out the t-shirt to make sure that there are no bleaching smells or harmful skin exposure. When these garments are being prepared for sales, sending the batch without rinsing out the bleaching agent can bore a hole through the shirt. The good thing about this design is that it has no limitations. From handmade images to artsy frames it can portray every design without any hassles. If you would like to know more about the discharge painting method or plan your own brand with this technique contact the customer services representative today and share with the your friends and family.

Printing for Safety Workers

If you have ever been to a construction site, you must have noticed workers and engineers roaming around in custom tees or vests. These simple fabric armors serve a great purpose for the dangerous work place. The first purpose of these vests is to increase the work place security protocols. The companies issue these vests to the assigned staff members only. Any new comer or outsider can be quickly spotted. The work places like forest patrol, police patrolling, and construction sites can be pretty dangerous. Therefore, these vests are a great tool to keep the untrained people away from the danger zones. These work-tees also allow the assigned staff to spot any unwanted intruders or perpetrators. Small changes in these highly volatile work spaces can result in a big disaster. Therefore, workers are required to wear a delegation vest or tee at all times during work hours according to the legal requirements of OSHA.

In case, a person is seeking help from any of the assigned staff members, they can easily spot the staff and also inquire about their name from the mentioned tee design. According to the law regulations workers must only done tees with their names to get rid of any workplace related discrepancies. The investors can divert a potential law suit or a devastating investment loss due to this work related fall back. Therefore, a small vest can serve to save a million dollars at times. For the workers another great benefit is to have the ease of putting off and on official uniforms. The older versions of long overalls take a lot of time to put on and off. They are also a big budget setback for the workers. The overalls require a place for storage, washing, and take up a lot of time. These overalls are also not always very safe. They have zippers that can get lodged inside machinery and become a cause for a big accident. The workers can save a lot of time and money with the help of these light-weighted tees.

These tees are super light and they can easily get washed and cleaned with regular clothes. They are made from such materials that do not absorb a lot of dust and their printed logos hardly ever fade away. These logos are often looked upon by the business managers as a great marketing tool. The construction workers who are donning these tees are like walking and talking advertisement banners for their corporation. In case of the police and other types of workers, they serve as a distant identifier. However, most businesses are smart enough to not waste this great marketing opportunity. The companies spent a sizeable amount of money for coming up with the perfect logo that shows their identity and defines their motto. There is nothing better than going to a workplace where every employee has a personalized work tee. These vests also serve as identifiers for the workers. In case, there are a lot of people on the team, the supervisor can easily recognize the workers with the help of the work tees.

Another, great business opportunity that rises from the vests is that specialization sector. In a work place there are many types of areas. The business owners who are looking for a good team to handle their new project or assign a reconstruction contract want to see the results with their eyes. In case, they only need a few specialist and not the entire project crew they can make that distinction from the vest design fluctuations. It is easy to recognize different types of workers. The people with open project proposals can quickly recognize the specialists and sent the request to hire the new employees. In this manner a simple vest innovation can serve to attract new business. As for the construction manager or the site supervisor it can be painful to distinguish between different set of workers in large quantities. The workers from one team can sport a particular color and the specialists from other domain can stand out with the help of a different hue. No matter how many working units are there, the site manager or the supervisor can easily recognize, delegate, and assign tasks.

Many people wonder that why these vests are often colored so bright and bold. The answer is that is not due to the fashion choices or anything to do with corporate psychology. The vibrant colors of these safety vests are a result of the work place safety codes and regulations. The workers need to spot a human being in the middle of work place chaos. These vibrant colors are sure to catch the attention of people. In a construction site the workers are often faced with dangerous scenarios. Sometime, the safety of a worker can be compromised. Normal clothes can become part of the dust and dirt and start to mingle with the background. However, these safety tees are made from material that is safe from the danger of absorbing unwanted residue. These clothing articles always stand out and make it easier for the shift in charge or the working supervisor to keep an eye on all the workers throughout the construction area. The shiny strips on these vests are not for decorative purposes either. These stripes work as a reflective strips. Due to these strips it is easy to find worker in very little light exposure. This small innovation has saved the lives of countless men time and time again.

The printed safety vests follow the security code of ANSI/ISEA 107 standards and made from 100% pure polyester. These vests are made to last long and stand out as much as possible. The bright yellow and bright orange background is taken into consideration before designing the logo pattern. The design of the logo must be considerate of a few things. Most importantly it should not take up the entire canvas space on the back or the front. Most people prefer to go for black stencil images that are hollowed from the inside. This trick is to make sure that the bright colors of the vests and tees stand out as much as possible. If the logo would take up a lot of space the safety protocol of the vest would be compromised. Due to its easy spotting nature the vests are also an ideal platform for advertising. Therefore, the companies also try to preserve the shock factor as much as possible and make use of the negative space if possible. The workers feel like a part of the team when they are donning these tee or work safety vests.

Different teams can be identified with different colors or the name tag at the front can also serve that purpose. It should be noted that most work places these days are enforcing safety protocols due to time constraints for projects and increasing number of traffic. The project managers can manage their work staff much more easily and efficiently with the help of delegated work vests. The workers also get a sense of duty once they have out on the safety vest. The procedure of putting on the vests brings about all the other safety related questions to the mind of the worker. The bright colors of these tees are not only a reminder for others but also for the workers. In nature dangerous or poisonous animals are colored brightly to ward off ignorant wanderers. These bright colors naturally invoke a sense of attention and alert on the mind of the beholders. The workers who are wearing these shocking colored vests are naturally and psychologically alerted in a defensive state of mind. The workers think and act carefully while wearing their safety tees. These tees can only be printed with the screen printing method. Without printed tees the point of safety, efficiency, and advertisement would be lost forever.

Imagine a traffic control sergeant standing the middle of a foggy street trying to control the overflow of traffic. The job requires a considerable amount of experience and courage. Even if the traffic control officer is doing his/her job properly, the field of vision for most drivers is shortened. Under such similar dangerous and risky circumstances, a printed vest can prove to be a proper protective gear and the defining difference between life and death. Even many residents invest in safety vests for different occasions or professions. For example many hobby fishers always take the safety tees with them and quite a lot of hikers and bikers do not forget to pack their protective vest when going out for an adventure. It is not wrong to say that the popularity and uses of the printed safety tees is increasing day after day.

The Appeal of Wearing Custom Printed T-Shirts

The easiest form of fashion these days are t-shirts. These t-shirts are everywhere and they are easy to design and sell as well. People buy new screen printing shirts and throw out new ones as often as napkins these days. The number of residential designers is also increasing in the market place. However, it should be noted that different types of t-shirt fabrics requires different types of printing techniques. An amateur printer can easily ruin the entire t-shirt and turn it into a rug in a matter of seconds. There are many people who buy designer ware and get it further enhanced to their taste.

The internet followers are under the pressure to bring new content and fashion trends for their followers. The art of t-shirt printing is not only awesome but it is also quite informative and makes for a great “Insta-story.” Other than the social media scene the t-shirt printing press has a rich history of cultures and human civilizations. The people are very interested to know how in olden times fabric dyers use different techniques to create wonderful pattern on the wardrobes and color them with bright hues.

A simple shirt can hold more historic importance in the world than the ocean. There are many enthusiasts on the internet who try to die and love getting printing t-shirts with organic materials. A lot of naturalists believe that this is a form of recycling and a way to save the planet earth. The journey of shirt started from the unappealing and crude animal hide. However, with time people learn to weave a thread from the cotton buds and spun beautiful and comfortable clothes with them. These days, the printing methods are countless and very quick as well. The job of days has turned into minutes or seconds. Even a child can learn a few printing tricks off the internet.

 However, there are certain printing techniques that require a sizeable amount of skill and expertise. Therefore, it is best to visit the online store and order any pattern, any color, any design from anywhere. When it comes to t-shirt printing sky is the limit. There are all types and tints of printed t-shirt design. What is very interesting about printed t-shirts is that people can order personalized custom printed t-shirt designs with in span of hours. If you go to a wardrobe store and could not find anything that matches your taste. It is easy to buy plain shirts and turn them into masterpieces. It is impossible to know a person without talking to them first. However, the magic of printing t shirts can help you make friends quickly. The followers of a particular book, character, or franchise can spot each other out from the crowd.

The printed t-shirt phenomenon is a great ice-breaker. Being surrounded by people with similar interest is the greatest feeling in the world. There are no restrictions when it comes to creating a personalized t-shirt line. As long as there are no copy rights violation the art of t-shirt printing can be very fun. For small business enterprise affording expensive marketing campaigns is impossible. People also expect a good get away or a prize with every purchase type of incentives. For both these propositions the printed t-shirts are the best solution. The logo of the corporation can be worn by the customers as a purchase gift. Others may want to find out more about getting a free t-shirt. In this manner, the good will and high opinion of the brand can rise up in a limited budget.

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